Robobicus Rules

Before you Begin a Mission

  1. Build a mecha
  2. Tune your chassis to the desired production setting
  3. Ready your cards
  4. (but don't draw until your first turn in combat)

Turn Summary during Combat

  1. Draw Phase: You may discard a single card if you wish. Next, you may draw up to four cards. Your hand size is based on the number of body parts your mech has remaining. For each body part you lose, your hand size will decrease, but you do not need to discard when you lose a body part.
  2. Action Phase: You may take as many of the following actions as you would like in any order
  3. Final Actions:
    1. Take damage from blast
    2. Charge Batteries
    3. Deploy a Kinetic Wall
    4. Build a Drone
    5. Interact with Objects
  4. Production Phase: Production is based on the tuning on your chassis card, but you can also gain a bonus to production from leg or equipment cards.

Special Combat Actions

Rules and Terminology

Body Part Abilities

Weapon/Equipment Abilities